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2 years ago

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Want some hot pictures of my wife to take? That's what the ad says. "Sure," he said, "I'm not David Bailey, but I like "... E -mails exchanged a brief conversation on the phone and I was sitting at the bar of a xnxxcom hotel in Manchester with Mike Sally ( name changed, of course). Your photos on your profile does not do him justice, was certainly the word for hot, xnxxcom lush this lady sat opposite me. Fabulous large breasts struggled to contain her bra and clingiest summer dress that showed her long tanned legs - I would love some photos later. glasses of wine everywhere, the usual talk about little useless waste of time (yes, xnxxcom I have them too, not just for men), said the woman, flirting, even ensure that everyone was comfortable. We have established xnxxcom some basic rules, I'm there to take pictures, do not touch it, if asked, maybe Mike will come in second place in some pictures, go to " go with the flow " instead. That suits me, it bringsvoyeur in me. Is not that a bit of everything? We took the wine and the head..... The N is a nice, large rooms, lots of space. The camera is xnxxcom tested, fully automatic, which is good. Do you have a good picture of them together. We both say, Sally looks fantastic - it's true, she does, she smiles and leans forward, arms straight, pushing her breasts together. Snap. leans far forward, hands on knees. Snap. I move behind her. Snap. The very large eyes. A look of her thong. Mike strike poses. Snap. The dress comes. Snap. We recommend that all poses. She is naked now. Snap. " What about my toys ?" She asked. Mike and I xnxxcom agree. It's between her breasts. Snap. In her mouth, sliding between his thighs. Snap. She is working on the back of the dildo slowly in and out of her pussy. It is glistening wet with her juices. Snap. must be a little more, he pulled out and stuck his cock in her mouth, Mike thand is still working its magic dildo. Snap. I can not tell how heavy I am, I'm too busy to release gives the tail, but the images are taken. Snap. " has been reached," says Mike, xnxxcom "Get ready"... What it does. Is injected. Snap snap. Wow, that's great. "I want to fuck me," says Mike "NOW. " He takes on all fours. These wonderful breasts weigh less than her. Snap. He's really pounding now, which runs back to his stream of juice on his cock. Snap. " Your turn," xnxxcom says Mike, I pushed her back and covers his cock still hard. Start slowly, hands in the chest, and before each shot is more urgent than before. Do not know about you, but there is always something about a hot woman, a man on horseback as he caressed her breasts, which for me really. Snap. "Why do not you go stand on the bed and pulls it out of us? " Sally, I question. I'm in bed, I worked for hersweaty bodies. Snap. An appropriation is made fun of my cock, "You are strong," says feign surprise. " No wonder," I reply, as I grab. xnxxcom I look at Mike, he smiled and his wife takes my cock in her mouth. Snap. always amazes me that a woman can drive a man while sucking a cock - I always think I should have plenty of exercise, but Sally seems natural. She works her magic, she can say, I'm close to coming, she takes the first shot in the mouth, injected for the xnxxcom rest of her breasts. Mike just as he begins to cum, inside his wife, Sally solves another orgasm.... Later, we are all grateful to the edge of the bed, a glass of wine sitting on the hand, the other for a great time. Sally says, "Next time we will bring the video camera that will be maintained" to me: "I'm going to want that cock inside me and Mike can be David Bailey. "

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